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R&R Services Provided

Compassionate and Collaborative Services

Welcome to R&R Collaborative Therapy Services, where we extend a warm welcome to our specialized range of therapeutic services with a unique focus on meeting our clients exactly where they are—at the heart of their natural environments. Our services encompass Parent, Caregiver and Family Training, Direct one on one Behavior Analytic Services in a client's home setting, and comprehensive School Support. What sets us apart is our commitment to naturalistic settings, meeting the client where in their natural everyday environment. We offer in-home therapy, delivering direct support in the comfort of a client's natural home environment. Additionally, our services extend to community settings, providing assistance in public and community environments to ensure a seamless transition and application of therapeutic strategies in real-life scenarios.

At the core of our approach is the emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. We believe in the transformative power of ABA to enhance the lives of our clients and help them gain independence and quality of life. 

Whether it's supporting our clients in their home, daycare, community, or school setting or assisting schools in conducting Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs), or creating Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs), our approach is grounded in meeting clients where they are most comfortable and naturally engaged. Moreover, our dedication extends to collaborating with school teams and conducting tailored training sessions for educators and staff to create a inclusive and supportive educational experience.

At R&R Collaborative Therapy Services, our mission is to provide compassionate and individualized support, ensuring that our clients thrive in their natural surroundings and lead fulfilling lives using the principles of ABA therapy to help promote this. 

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Parent/Caregiver & Family Training

Home/Community Caregiver training support 

Experience professional and personalized Behavior Analytic training services, conveniently delivered in the comfort of your home or within the community by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Our dedicated BCBA works directly with parents and families to provide comprehensive support. We extend a warm invitation to all family members involved with the individual to participate actively in the training process.
Additionally, we understand the importance of flexibility and accessibility. To better cater to your needs, we proudly offer telehealth services as a seamless and integral part of our curriculum.
Discover a collaborative and effective approach to behavioral intervention that empowers both individuals and families on their journey towards positive and lasting change.

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Direct Services

1:1 services directly with a Registered Behavior technician (RBT) supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). 

At the heart of our services is a commitment to compassion and understanding. Our journey together begins with a thoughtful initial assessment, creating a collaborative space where your child's unique strengths and challenges are embraced.
Crafted in partnership with you, our dedicated team formulates a personalized plan with achievable goals, focusing on areas of growth that matter most. A warm, skilled Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) ensures the seamless implementation of this plan, while our vigilant Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) oversees every step.
We go beyond conventional support by providing not just intervention, but a family-centered experience. Our BCBA offers continuous encouragement, proactive feedback, and regular updates on treatment goals and progress. Moreover, we prioritize empowering families through hands-on training, ensuring that every success achieved becomes a shared triumph.
Join us in a journey where compassion meets expertise, fostering an environment of care and support tailored specifically for your child on the spectrum.

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School Consultations

Customized School services to fit the needs of your student and staff. 

Consider partnering with us for direct services tailored to your school community. Our process starts with a thorough initial assessment, laying the foundation for personalized support through Functional Behavior Assessments and targeted Behavior Intervention Plans.
We offer practical support with staff training, focusing on equipping educators and administrators with essential tools for effective implementation. Our expertise extends to classroom management strategies to enhance the overall learning environment.
Additionally, our commitment includes thorough observations, consultations and support of clients needing more skill building and behavior reduction.  Contact us today to discuss how our direct services can contribute to a more effective and supportive educational environment for your students.

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